Myths And Legends Of Ancient Greece And Rome

In appearance, the gods were supposed to resemble mortals, whom, however, they far surpassed in beauty, grandeur, and strength; they were also more commanding in stature, height being considered by the Greeks an attribute of beauty in man or woman. They resembled human beings in their feelings and habits, intermarrying and having children, and requiring daily nourishment to recruit their strength, and refreshing sleep to restore their energies. Their blood, a bright ethereal fluid called Ichor, never engendered disease, and, when shed, had the power of producing new life.

A collection of tales and information about the various Greek and Roman mythological gods, this book is written for elementary students.

Black and white illustrations pepper the stories.  There are not a lot of images, but you can click on them and make them large enough to use for clip art and coloring.

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