Pacific History Stories

The stories of Balboa, Magedan. Cabrillo, Drake, the Discovery of Gold, the Bear-Flag Republic, and others are interesting on account of the human and heroic side of the adventures.

Written for “the middle grades”, this history reader details the explorations and adventures that occurred on the Western coast of North America, along the Pacific Ocean.

This is a unique look at the Age of Exploration and the Old West!  Stories of how California joined the union, the Golden Gate, San Diego bay, and more.

Download Pacific History Stories from or Google Play.

Heritage History- Libraries and Curriculum

If you love public domain ebooks, I want to share a resource with you.  Heritage History has curriculum and ebook collections that gather some of the best classic history ebooks!  I got my Early America cd a few weeks ago and loaded over 50 books onto our Nook all in one fell swoop!


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