The Sleeping Beauty Picture Book

This picture book actually contains three stories, including The Sleeping Beauty.  All of the stories are in poetic form, making them fun for smaller children to hear the rhythm.

The illustrations to The Sleeping Beauty have a little column at the bottom that would be perfect for text.  I immediately thought that they would make fun additions to a notebooking journal- with a little note about the story inside the column.

The second story in the book is the The Baby’s Own Alphabet.  Each letter of the alphabet has a little rhyme to accompany it.

The final story of the little book is Bluebeard.

Once on a time there lived a man hated by all he knew,
Both that his ways were very bad, and that his beard was blue;

This story is probably not suited for younger children.  It is an old tale, from 1697, about a woman who discovers her aristocrat husband has murdered his previous wives and intends to murder her.

If you do read this gruesome tale, you can discuss the idea of fate, heroism, and with older children you can research the story of Bluebeard.

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