Free Homeschool Science Lesson Plan – Predator Vs Prey

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Predator Vs Prey lesson plan for kids

This science lesson will give your child a peek into the predator and prey way of life. I recommend that you present this lesson plan after using my previous lesson plan Free Homeschool Science Lesson Plan - Food Chain of the Animal Kingdom. By helping your child understand the animal food chain, you will reduce Read More »

Free Homeschool Science Lesson Plan - Animal Kingdom Food Chain

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African Leopard

The animal kingdom food chain is a fascinating, and slightly gross concept for children to learn. Even though they say ewww about animals eating other animals, they will still find the concept intriguing. This is a two day lesson plan so children have a chance to research the topic on their own, and bring information Read More »

Free Online Teaching Resources for Anthropology

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Teach anthropology to your kids for free with these valuable resources

Deidre Rose teaches anthropology at the University of Guelph. We’re so excited that she was willing to share these awesome online teaching resources with the homeschool community. What is Anthropology? Anthropology is the study of all aspects of humankind and spans across the globe and through time. Because of the massive scope of the discipline, it Read More »

Online Teaching Resources for Canadian History

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Resources for teaching about Canada

On July 1st, 2017 Canada marked its sesquicentennial. The occasion of the 150th anniversary was met with mixed emotions but did bring the history of the relatively young state to the fore. Here are some online teaching resources that are inclusive, comprehensive, and engaging! History through murder mysteries? My absolute favorite online resource for teaching Read More »

Give Your Child a Head Start In Math (5 Tips)

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Scared about mathematics figurine

As the mom of four boys and a homeschooling parent, I have developed different ways to keep my kids up to date with math. Whether we want to admit it or not, math is a tricky subject and kids frequently struggle with the topics that are involved. If your kid struggles in math, there are Read More »