Unit Studies

Henry Ford Homeschool Lesson Plan

Posted in Free Use, Home School Creative Commons Resources, Kindergarten, Lower Elementary, Unit Studies on November 20, 2016

This lesson was originally published in Telling Detroit’s Story: Historic Past, Proud People, Shining Future curriculum unit developed by the Detroit 300 Commission in 2001. Through these activities and information found in this lesson, kindergarten through second grade students will develop a base understanding of economic production and labor. By having students actually participate in Read More »

How Does A Homeschool Family Change A Lightbulb? - Unit Study

Posted in Unit Studies on November 14, 2016

Question: How does a homeschool family change a light bulb? Answer: First, Mom goes to the library and checks out 3 books on electricity. Then the kids make models of light bulbs & read about Thomas Edison. Through child-led curiosity, they discover that Heinrich Goebel should actually get the credit. Then everyone studies the history of Read More »