Unschooling Facebook Groups

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Unschooling Groups

Facebook groups are one of the best ways to network with other homeschoolers.

This list only contains groups that are explicitly for unschooling and unschoolers. For an all-purpose homeschool group list, check out the world's most popular homeschool Facebook groups.

The groups on this list include:

  • Open groups
  • Closed groups
  • Buy/Sell/Trade groups
  • Local groups
  • This list contains mostly English speaking groups
  • Both religious and secular

Privately hidden groups were not included.

No Facebook pages are included on this list, each of the below links leads to a group. To prevent spammers from joining and to maintain member privacy, most groups are not open to the public.

Make sure to utilize the built-in search function to filter groups by your state or county.

Unschooling Groups List:

NameGroup LinkMembers
Radical UnschoolingView Group17274
Unschooling Mom2MomView Group17055
My unschooler is interested in...View Group11585
Homeschooling Unschooling Uncollege Opt Out DIY Online LearningView Group9210
Radical Unschooling InfoView Group7644
Muslim homeschool/unschool attachment parenting natural living supportView Group7435
Florida Unschoolers (Umbrella School)View Group7038
The Educating Parents Homeschooling and UnschoolingView Group6967
Peaceful Parenting/Unschooling SupportView Group4869
UK Unschooling NetworkView Group4861
Unschooling en FranceView Group4577
UnschoolingView Group4169
Unschooling Special NeedsView Group4046
Unschoolers In South AfricaView Group2810
DIY homeschoolers-unschoolersView Group2781
Unschooling BrasilView Group2669
Unschool AustraliaView Group2467
Malaysia Homeschooling Unschooling and Private Education NetworkView Group2391
BC Home Learners: homeschoolers DLers unschoolersView Group2390
Unschooling ConnectionView Group2319
Homeschool/Unschool BloggersView Group2269
Secular Homeschool Families -UNSCHOOLView Group2269
Homeschooling and Unschooling FrugallyView Group2160
(un)schooling the worldView Group2078
Gifted UnschoolingView Group2069
Unschoolers Waterpark GatheringsView Group1980
Unschooling CaliforniaView Group1945
Creative Unschooling KidsView Group1815
Free To Be Unschooling ConferenceView Group1778
Unschooling Charlotte MasonView Group1775
UK Radical Unschooling NetworkView Group1618
Home Education (Homeschooling & Unschooling) in London (UK) ?View Group1533
Unschooling Mom2Mom - Early ChildhoodView Group1532
Greater Vancouver Home Learners: homeschoolers DLers unschoolersView Group1525
Comunidad UNSCHOOLERView Group1507
Portland UnschoolersView Group1501
Unschooling NZ networkingView Group1404
Texas UnschoolersView Group1356
SunnyHomeschool/Unschool Support HubView Group1198
Unschooling Info AustraliaView Group1178
Christian Radical UnschoolersView Group1038
Whole Life Learning: Secular Homeschooling & UnschoolingView Group1026
Victorian Homeschoolers And UnschoolersView Group1007
REAL LIFE LEARNING - Unschooling & Homeschooling with Web ResourcesView Group1007
Unschooling Canada AssociationView Group993
Northeast Unschooling ConferenceView Group934
Radical Unschoolers Discussion GroupView Group906
Asheville Unschoolers & HomeschoolersView Group876
Christian UnschoolingView Group842
Secular Homeschooling and Unschooling Families of MaineView Group818
Olympia Unschooling and HomeschoolingView Group804
Domace a komunitne vzdelavanie alebo homeschooling & unschoolingView Group801
Unschooling GamersView Group771
Manatee-Sarasota UnschoolersView Group766
Homeschoolers & Unschoolers of London OntarioView Group755
Unschooling Q & AView Group731
Unschooling Qld InfoView Group728
Homeschooling and Unschooling families in the Riviera MayaView Group710
Austin UnschoolersView Group651
San Diego Homeschool/Unschool Toddler GroupView Group642
Cincinnati-Dayton Unschoolers and Relaxed HomeschoolersView Group619
Creative UnschoolingView Group580
Vermont Homeschoolers & Unschoolers UniteView Group580
Unschooling As A Christian UniquelyView Group559
Wisconsin UnschoolersView Group544
Anchorage Life Learners (unschoolers & homeschoolers)View Group540
Gold Coast home schooling unschooling & natural learners Events/ActivitiesView Group526
Unschooling QueenslandView Group524
Gold Coast Homeschool Unschool Living TribeView Group518
Christian Unschooling FamiliesView Group491
Irish UnschoolersView Group484
Portland West Side Homeschoolers/UnschoolersView Group455
Afrikaans Christelik UnschoolView Group453
Unschooling & Homeschooling Herb FriendsView Group447
Unschooling Kids and TeensView Group418
Nebraska UnschoolersView Group410
Deschooling Towards UnschoolingView Group399
Wales and Borders Home Educators and UnschoolersView Group397
Unschoolers PlatformView Group383
Radical Unschooling Network of SupportView Group353
Unschoolers in PennsylvaniaView Group328
Homeschoolers & Unschoolers of Washington StateView Group313
School Free Teens - Homeschool | Unschool | Drop Out | Online LearningView Group310
Seattle UnschoolersView Group308
Unschoolers of Lewis and Thurston CountiesView Group307
Georgia UnschoolersView Group304
Unschooling Book ClubView Group297
River City UnschoolersView Group293
Okanagan Unschoolers and HomeschoolersView Group281
Unschoolers of Brevard (UoB)View Group268
Arnica UnschoolersView Group264
RVing Whole Life UnschoolersView Group257
Bronx Unschooling Homeschooling NYCView Group256
Reno Homeschoolers/Unschoolers: Adventure discover build explode!View Group255
Homeschooling / Unschooling DiversityView Group254
HOMEschooling UNschooling Friuli e VenetoView Group252
Ipswich Homeschoolers & UnschoolersView Group250
Homeschool/Unschool Group of Central PA.View Group250
Unschooling FamiliesView Group247
Indianapolis UnschoolersView Group244
NorthEast Ohio Unschooling CommunityView Group243
Upstate South Carolina Area Secular UnschoolersView Group242
Homeschoolers and Unschoolers of OntarioView Group239
Brisbane UnschoolersView Group235
DFW Homeschoolers and Unschoolers GroupView Group230
Ontario UnschoolersView Group229
New Jersey Area UnschoolersView Group227
Southern & Eastern Melbourne Homeschool & Unschool Co-opsView Group226
Unschoolers of MissouriView Group221
Phoenix UnschoolersView Group211
Homeschool/Unschool Families of Hardin & surrounding Counties in KentuckyView Group209
Emerald Eclectic UnschoolersView Group208
Unschooling Western Australia.View Group207
NS UnschoolersView Group205
Unschool/Homeschool Teen ClubView Group203
Panama City Unschooling/HomeschoolingView Group196
Free to Learn of Alamance County homeschool unschoolView Group193
Salt Lake UnschoolersView Group190
FUSE! - Florida Unschoolers Secular Education - Daytona Beach+View Group188
LARK Unschooling EventsView Group188
Unschooling MontrealView Group183
Wayne County Ohio Homeschool/Unschool Support GroupView Group178
Las Vegas Life Learners - (Vegas Valley Unschooling Support Group)View Group173
OC UnschoolersView Group172
Ventura County Unschoolers/HomeschoolersView Group170
Vivendo e Aprendendo Portugal (Unschooling Homeschooling ED)View Group170
Home-Schooling e Un-Schooling ToscanaView Group168
Rogue Valley UnschoolersView Group166
Unerzogen/Freilernen/Unschooling Rhein-MainView Group165
Arkansas UnschoolersView Group165
Unschoolers Get TogetherView Group164
unschooling <3View Group164
Cheyenne Wyoming Homeschoolers and UnschoolersView Group163
Maryland UnschoolersView Group155
UnSchool AlumniView Group153
SA UnschoolersView Group152
Dayton/ SW Ohio UnschoolersView Group151
unschooling.ruView Group151
Church of Christ - Interest Led Learning - Natural Learning - UnschoolingView Group150
Unschooling Momma and Poppy Mail ExchangeView Group149
Talking Unschooling (Massachusetts)View Group149
Branches Unschoolers of Pinellas CountyView Group147
Unschooling - BHView Group147
South Jersey UnschoolersView Group146
Radical UnschoolingView Group146
Melbourne UnschoolersView Group146
Unschool SpokaneView Group145
Auckland Unschoolers / Natural LearnersView Group145
Utah County UnschoolersView Group144
Eastside Portland UnschoolersView Group143
Ocala Homeschooling/Unschooling FamiliesView Group139
Hernando County Unschoolers/HomeschoolersView Group138
Catholic Unschool MomsView Group133
BC UnschoolersView Group133
Unschoolers from Saskatoon SK.View Group130
San Diego UnschoolersView Group130
DFW-TRUE" " The Roaming Unschoolers Exploring DFW"View Group128
Unschoolers of North CarolinaView Group127
Unschooling for Life LearningView Group125
Austin Unschoolers Free StuffView Group123
Pasco's Unschooling Homeschoolers MamasView Group123
Ski Snowboard & Winter Sports Unschool Homeschool NH MA MEView Group118
Unschooling circulo virtualView Group116
Unschool Community Connection (Lorain County Ohio)View Group115
cream and sugar please unschoolingView Group112
Unschool Club of CharlotteView Group111
Wichita UnschoolersView Group110
Avani's Unschooling DiaryView Group109
Christian UnschooledView Group106
Loudonville-Perrysville Homeschoolers/UnschoolersView Group106
South Miami UnschoolersView Group103
Unschooler and Homeschooler Exchange Seattle and EastsideView Group103
North East Victoria Homeschoolers & UnschoolersView Group101

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