Vegetable Lore

Poor and rich, gardeners are akin and form the truest brotherhood of all.

Your garden—it does not matter what it measures, whether 20 x 20 or 200 x 200—it is always your playground.

You grow the things because you love them, because you know you are fulfilling the Lord’s command to be useful, because you produce something to make others comfortable and you mingle with mother soil from whence you come and where you shall finally return. A gardener is never selfish for he is not happy until others share with him the rewards of his efforts. You note I never mention labor, for when gardening is labor it becomes a burden, and when it becomes a burden we are slaves, and no slave can be happy.

Vegetable Lore was a monthly magazine that ran in the early 1900′s.

The articles are short, and usually cover a specific vegetable and how to grow it optimally.  It would make a great reference for beginner gardeners.

Several of the issues have been collected in this free ebook – download Vegetable Lore from Google Books.

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