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ACT Tips and Strategies

Posted in Resources on June 8, 2017

Good ACT Tips and Strategies

If thinking about the ACT overwhelms you, take a second and think about what the ACT actually is: a standardized test. It's really important to realize that, because it holds the key to effective studying. It's standardized! To be fair to every student who takes the exam, the creators of the ACT ensure that each Read More »

The Importance of Incorporating Play in Afterschooling

Posted in Homeschooling on June 7, 2017

The importance of play in afterschooling

Homeschooling and afterschooling come with their fair share of debates, often about curriculum and the pressure to meet academic standards. But one thing is certain, play should never be eliminated from the homeschooling and afterschooling equation. Afterschooling is the practice of supplementing a child’s education after school hours. Even children who are homeschooled engage in Read More »

2018's Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners, Professionals, & More

Posted in Reviews on June 7, 2017

Featured drawing tablet

A good drawing tablet allows you to have the finest degree of precision in your work compared to using a mouse. A drawing tablet tends to offer you different levels of pressure sensitivity, especially when you're working on a detail-oriented illustration. As an artist, I discovered that I had more control over jobs that came Read More »

Top 10 Best Label Makers of 2018 - Ranked & Reviewed

Posted in Reviews on June 6, 2017

A DYMO label maker

You may not use a label maker every single day, but when you do you want to make sure you’re using a quality one. Unfortunately, everyday consumers are not usually given the opportunity to try before they buy, making it hard to be sure which product best suits their needs. Since we know that you Read More »

The Best Subscription Boxes for Kids (by Interest)

Posted in Reviews on June 3, 2017

an excited child with a new subscription box

The doorbell rings and the mailman drops off a stack of brown cardboard boxes. You tear into the stack like a kid on Christmas morning, and bite into fancy snacks from Graze, or slip on sweet gear from Fabletics. No matter what comes to your front door, it’s always fun to peel back the tape Read More »

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