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Rebecca lives in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina with her husband of 23 years, 3 dogs and 2 rabbits. She recently became an empty nester when her youngest of two sons moved to college. One of the best gifts she ever received was the chance to engage in the never-ending process of learning that homeschooling afforded her.

She has decades of experience teaching and counseling. After her oldest son moved to college, she returned to school to become a certified life coach. She loves coaching because it perfectly combines her knowledge of education and teaching, unique personal experience, and deep desire to help all women create lives they love.

To really get to know Rebecca, you must learn what she values the most and how she spends her time. Her top 6 values include: Faith, Relationships, Health, Gratitude, Creativity, and Integrity.

When Rebecca isn't coaching, consulting, or writing she loves to run, travel, hike, celebrate life, and play games with her family. Some of her favorite moments include: finding a book she can't put down, pairing quiet time with a good cup of coffee and homemade bread, watching either of her sons compete at collegiate sports, and Sunday morning fellowship.


Rebecca Lile, CPLC

Once our mind, body or soul has been stretched by a new idea or experience, we can never truly be the same.

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