Bible Story Coloring Pictures

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Sometimes a public domain book has textual problems.  The information is old or outdated or the author’s style is not particularly pleasing to the modern reader.

More than once I have encountered texts that were just poorly written.  Just like you can find mass-produced junk today, it was around at the turn of the last century.


So what do you do with a book if you can’t use the words?  You can try to salvage what you can.  Maybe the main ideas would make a good outline for a unit study.

Sometimes the book has great illustrations- like these beautiful Bible story pictures that I found.  The book’s text was not appealing, but the illustrations are wonderful.


You can use these as coloring pages in your projects!

I have collected 39 of these Bible illustrations and put them in a zip file for you.

Download the Bible Story Coloring Pictures. (right click-save as)

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