Bible and religion curricula are popular among a lot of homeschool families. Make sure to check out our review of the best study Bible and the best study Bible for children.

The Life of our Lord: In Simple Language for Little Children

Posted in Bible, Lower Elementary, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on August 6, 2014

In preparing this brief account of the chief incidents in Our Lord’s Life, the writer has endeavored to keep as close as possible to the sacred text; its divine simplicity being far preferable to any other style of writing the story. What a treasure find! This is a storybook of the life of Jesus, written for Read More »

The Hammer: A Story of the Maccabean Times

Posted in Ancient History, Bible, Middle School, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on January 7, 2014

The story of how Judas and his brothers led the movement which rescued the Jewish faith from this peril is the story which we have endeavoured to tell in this volume. An exciting retelling of the Maccabean Revolt For lovers of history, Bible study, and Jewish heritage! This history reader is by Alfred John Church, Read More »

Divine and Moral Songs for Children

Posted in Bible, Free Use, Literature, Public Domain on March 20, 2013

The book title says songs, but these are more like divine and moral poems (verses?) for children. Written by Isaac Watts, the titles of the songs include: Be to others kind and true Hosanna to the Prince of Grace This is the day when Christ arose These would be perfect for copywork or little verses Read More »

How To Study The Bible For Greatest Profit

Posted in Bible, College Prep, High School, Middle School, Public Domain on December 19, 2012

We cannot all be profound students of nature; we can all be profound students of Scripture. Many an otherwise illiterate person has a marvelous grasp of Bible truth. It was acquired by study. There are persons who have studied little else, who have studied the Scriptures, by the hour, daily, and their consequent wisdom is the astonishment and sometimes the dismay of scholars and theologians. R. Read More »

Public Domain Hymns and Songs for Worship

Posted in Art, Bible, Music, Public Domain on August 28, 2012

Have you ever wanted to use a hymn or Christian song for a performance, book, or other endeavor, but were unsure about it’s copyright? One way to find music that you can freely use is to look for public domain books and hymnals. I will share with you a few of the song books I’ve Read More »

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