Public Domain Hymns and Songs for Worship

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Have you ever wanted to use a hymn or Christian song for a performance, book, or other endeavor, but were unsure about it’s copyright?

One way to find music that you can freely use is to look for public domain books and hymnals.

I will share with you a few of the song books I’ve found, but first I wanted to share a website dedicated to public domain hymns:

The Open Hymnal Project

This site is dedicated to finding and sharing hymns and songs that can be freely used.  Any songs where there is some copyright (words, music score, etc) are clearly marked.

Public Domain Song Books:

The list could go on and on.  If you do a search through or Google books and use the words “hymn”, “praise songs”, and “worship songs” you will get many more selections to choose from.

1/15/2017 - Recently, this page has grown in popularity.  I would love it if you commented below with some of the resources that you use!

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  1. Peter Lee says:

    Sir or Madam. Our small church is looking for music to use for singing during our service. Where the music plays and the lyrics can be projected on a screen. Free would be nice, but a reasonable fee is understandable. Do you have such a product?

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