How To Study The Bible For Greatest Profit

We cannot all be profound students of nature; we can all be profound students of Scripture. Many an otherwise illiterate person has a marvelous grasp of Bible truth. It was acquired by study. There are persons who have studied little else, who have studied the Scriptures, by the hour, daily, and their consequent wisdom is the astonishment and sometimes the dismay of scholars and theologians.

R. A. Torrey was a preacher, evangelist, and educator that worked closely with Dwight Moody.

He wrote many helpful books about Christian topics in his time, including this book.

This would be perfect for an older student, possibly high school age, to work through and understand the different methods of studying the Bible.  The book is broken into different chapters by method, and part 2 of the book explains the fundamental conditions needed to make the most of Bible study. We've also written an in-depth article about picking out the best study Bible for kids.

Download How To Study The Bible For Greatest Profit from Google Books.

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