Pilgrim’s Progress in Words of One Syllable

Posted in Culture, Literature, Lower Elementary, Public Domain, Reading, Upper Elementary on October 15, 2013

In addition to Hurlburt’s version of Pilgrim’s Progress for children, I have discovered this illustrated translation. None of the words in this book are more than one syllable, making it suitable for earlier readers! This ebook also has illustrations in black and white – but it also has a few full color images! Download Pilgrim’s Read More »

The Common Spiders of the United States

Posted in High School, Lower Elementary, Middle School, Nature Studies, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on September 25, 2013

If one wishes to find what spiders live in his neighborhood, they must be looked for at all times and in all kinds of places. The house and cellar should be looked over and the spiders watched until they are fully grown. The outside of the house and fences should be looked over occasionally in Read More »

The Mystic Mid-Region: The Deserts of the Southwest

Posted in Culture, Lower Elementary, Nature Studies, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on September 25, 2013

Learn about the deserts of the Southwest USA! Between the lofty ranges of mountains which mark the western boundary of the great Mississippi Valley and the chain of peaks known as the Coast Range, whose western sunny slopes look out over the waters of the placid Pacific, lies a vast stretch of country once known Read More »

Wildflowers of the Farm

Posted in Lower Elementary, Nature Studies, Plants, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on September 11, 2013

wildflowers of the farm ebook

Almost all plants, including large trees, have flowers–they are flowering plants. Just a few plants have no flower; ferns have none, nor have the mosses and lichens which grow on walls and rocks and on the stems of trees. Fungi, too, such as the mushroom, have no flowers. Nearly all other plants have flowers. It Read More »

The Potter’s Craft

Posted in Art, High School, Lower Elementary, Middle School, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on August 31, 2013

The production of pottery was, at first, the supplying of a need. Clay offered a medium for the making of household utensils which were at once fireproof and impervious. The work does not belong strictly to the earliest stages of civilization but is a development of advancing refinement. The artist interested in clay and pottery Read More »

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