Your Guide to Finding the Best Beginner Telescopes for Kids

Posted in Reviews on March 31, 2017

The Best Telescope Feature Image

It's been estimated that there are around 300 billion stars in the Milky Way. 300 billion. We don't need to tell you how absolutely incredible that is, not least of all because the great Douglas Adams already put it better than we ever could: That sounds about right. There comes a time in everybody's life Read More »

The Best Nursing Covers that Don't Scream, “Look at Me I’m Breastfeeding”

Posted in Reviews on March 26, 2017

Mother nursing

Finally, someone understood the plea of the mothers worldwide – we just want a nice looking, practical nursing cover that won’t be screaming, “Hey, look at me, I’m breastfeeding here!?” Well, finally, we can. For a while now, the only covers that were available to us were more attracting attention instead of giving privacy. The Read More »

Best Baby Swings for 2018: Home Buyers Guide

Posted in Reviews on March 26, 2017

A great baby bouncer means a happy baby

The Top Baby Swings Cheap baby swings Easiest to use: Ingenuity Convertme Swing 2 Seat Ridgedale Ingenuity Convertme Swing 2 Seat Ridgedale - This is a baby swing that parents love for its ease of use. Travel in the car, on a plane, or even go on a bike ride with this compactable baby Read More »

Review: Best Super Glues for Each Type of Material

Posted in Reviews on March 23, 2017

Top super glues for sticking anything back together

In our home, we use super glue all the time. Yes, we enjoy arts and crafts. But we also have young boys running around. Naturally, this means things are always breaking. Dishes, parts of the desk, the edges of furniture, their favorite old toys and new toys... the list goes on and on. What have I learned? Read More »

2018 Best Electric Pencil Sharpener

Posted in Reviews on January 22, 2017

As a hobby colored pencil artist, an ex-teacher, and a full-time homeschooling mom, I've owned and used my fair share of pencil sharpeners. Depending on your needs,some electric pencil sharpeners will be better than others. I have identified the three best electric pencil sharpeners for four specific needs: the artist, the classroom, the office, and the home. We use a Read More »