Wildflowers of the Farm

Posted in Lower Elementary, Nature Studies, Plants, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on September 11, 2013

wildflowers of the farm ebook

Almost all plants, including large trees, have flowers–they are flowering plants. Just a few plants have no flower; ferns have none, nor have the mosses and lichens which grow on walls and rocks and on the stems of trees. Fungi, too, such as the mushroom, have no flowers. Nearly all other plants have flowers. It Read More »

The English Lakes

Posted in Nature Studies, Public Domain, Science on May 20, 2013

A while back ago I posted a series of books called Beautiful England. They are descriptive little tomes with paintings of the structures and lands of England. I was pleased to find that Project Gutenberg had added another title from the series – this one covering the famous lakes of the country. Download The English Read More »

Bird World; A Bird Book For Children

Posted in Animals, Lower Elementary, Nature Studies, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on April 11, 2013

I’ve had this nature reader in my bookmarked list for quite some time. In fact, it was near the top. For some reason or another I hadn’t shared it with you. But when I went looking for resources this week I happened once again upon it. It has everything a living book needs – beautiful color images, Read More »

Daddy Takes Us To The Garden

Posted in Home Economics, Lower Elementary, Nature Studies, Public Domain on March 24, 2013

This book would be fun to read as part of a home economics or gardening unit. This is a fun story of two children who help their father in the garden, but it also has a lot of detail on the actual science and art of gardening. There aren’t too many illustrations in the book, Read More »

Flowers Shown To The Children

Posted in High School, Lower Elementary, Middle School, Nature Studies, Plants, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on March 7, 2013

Dear Children,—If you were old enough to go to the bookseller and ask for a book that would tell you about the flowers you see growing in the woods and fields in spring and summer-time, you would find there were already a great many books which had been written with that purpose. If you examined Read More »