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Homeschool Commons was created to serve as a central juncture for finding free resources to use in personal and commercial ventures.

There are other amazing websites that are directed towards homeschoolers which organize and/or provide free resources for use in educating your children.  This site is not trying to reproduce the efforts of others.

Instead, this site attempts to provide a clear distinction between material that is free for personal use, and that which is truly liberated.  Therefore, much of what is found here will be content in the public domain or copyrighted under a flexible creative commons license.

This means that much of the material can be used to create new works and share with others.

 All the material you will find in this category, unless otherwise noted, is free. 

I have homeschooled my children since 2004 and have used tons of free use or public domain content in our studies.  I love to make printables and other resources from public domain sources.

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How to Use The Commons Category

This category is meant to serve as a hub for free educational material found on the web that is suitable for use in homeschooling, unschooling, and other alternative educational ventures.

There are three main categories.  The information in this category is organized in three ways: by grade level, subject, and copyright license.

You can also find what you are looking for by typing in the search button located at the top-right of every page.  Try keywords rather than specific phrases to get the most results from your search.

How to Draw Birds

Posted in Art, Lower Elementary, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on September 14, 2011

This amazing drawing book, first published in 1940, appears to be in the public domain. A concise course on drawing birds, this book is an excellent resource for artists and nature buffs alike.  The first part of the book introduces the reader to the various bird parts and their forms.  Wings, beaks, heads, etc. Then Read More »

Augsburg’s Drawing Books- Elementary Grades

Posted in Art, Kindergarten, Lower Elementary, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on September 14, 2011

It seems that De Resco Leo Augsburg was an art educator and prolific writer in the 1890′s as the public domain is full of his wonderful books. Today I want to highlight the books in his elementary drawing series. The first volume states that it is intended for first grade use: A Text Book to Read More »

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