The Story of Great Inventions

Posted in High School, Middle School, Public Domain, Science, Upper Elementary on October 9, 2011

Boys and girls alike will enjoy the illustrations and stories of some of the greatest inventions and their sometimes weird beginnings. From Archimedes to the Watt’s steam-engine, this book details the technological inventions that changed history.  Written by a high school physics instructor, this book is suitable for older readers or as a read-aloud for Read More »

Living Nature Books by Margaret Warner Morley

Posted in Animals, Lower Elementary, Middle School, Nature Studies, Plants, Public Domain, Reading, Upper Elementary on October 6, 2011

Margaret Warner Morley was an American biologist, educator, and writer of many children’s books about nature and biology. Her books are written in a conversational tone perfect forreading aloud and for Charlotte Mason-style narration. All of her works have now fallen into the public domain and are available at several sites online including Google books Read More »

Columbus Discovers America “You Are There”

Posted in History, Public Domain on October 3, 2011

The old radio series “You Are There” attempted to re-enact history as if it were happening live to the listener.  This often included radio bulletins, interviews with key characters, and other means. The early episodes were called “CBS is there“. Since Columbus Day is coming up, I thought I would share “live” coverage of the discovery of Read More »

The Rocket Book

Posted in Elementary, Middle School, Public Domain on September 28, 2011

When Fritz, the Janitor’s bad kid, Went snooping in the basement, He found a rocket snugly hid Beneath the window casement. He struck a match with one fell swoop; Then, on the concrete kneeling, He lit the rocket and—she—oop! It shot up through the ceiling. The Rocket Book, published in 1912, is a wonderful little Read More »

Denslow’s Picture Books for Children

Posted in Kindergarten, Lower Elementary, Preschool, Public Domain, Reading on September 28, 2011

W.W. Denslow may be most famous for his illustrations in the Wizard of Oz books, but these three picture books are just as high quality and fun to read with little ones. With vibrant colors and classic stories, you could use these books to make lapbooks, notebooking pages, and other fun printables.  Use the rhymes Read More »