Ebooks for World War 1

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In innumerable volumes future generations will learn the details of this war: and the discussions among delving historians will never end. For our time a simpler task is the service set for us. We require a record of the essential facts of the struggle arranged with a sense of historical perspective. For forty years the Read More »

Mr. President Radio Show

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These old radio show episodes are fun to listen to and a great addition to any study of American history.  The point of the show was to try to guess which president was being “acted” out by the voice talent. Click to listen to the episodes online, or right-click “save link as” or “save file Read More »

King Arthur Paper Figure

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I found this poem and accompanying paper figure in a magazine from 1922.  I carefully scanned the images at 300 dpi. King Arthur By Jonathan Brace Of all the old, old stories, Those favorites we like best, Which do you think most surely Stands out among the rest As the one which never ceases, Whether Read More »

Books to Study Gardening

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Gardening is a skill that incorporates science, mathematics, and physical work into an enjoyable and productive study.  Even the smallest child can gain valuable knowledge and experience by working in the soil to grow healthy food and beautiful flowers. Here are some public domain books dedicated to gardening.  The first book is written in a Read More »

Woodworking books for boys

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Carpentry is the oldest of the arts, and it has been said that the knowledge necessary to make a good carpenter fits one for almost any trade or occupation requiring the use of tools. The hatchet, the saw, and the plane are the three primal implements of the carpenter. The value is in knowing how Read More »