Children Of Borneo

Posted in Culture, Lower Elementary, Middle School, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on February 1, 2014

Away down in the Indian Ocean there is a long chain of islands that stretches from Burmah to Australia. One of these is New Guinea which is the largest island in the world (leaving out Australia), and Borneo comes next in size. It is nearly four times as large as England. A book meant to Read More »

Peeps Into China

Posted in Culture, Eastern Civilization, Lower Elementary, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on February 1, 2014

This book is chock-full of black and white illustrations you can use for your projects about China. A minister of a small parish in England is called to mission work in China, and brings along his family. As they travel to their final destination, the father gives his daughter “peeps” into Chinese culture, religion, and Read More »

Pilgrim’s Progress in Words of One Syllable

Posted in Culture, Literature, Lower Elementary, Public Domain, Reading, Upper Elementary on October 15, 2013

In addition to Hurlburt’s version of Pilgrim’s Progress for children, I have discovered this illustrated translation. None of the words in this book are more than one syllable, making it suitable for earlier readers! This ebook also has illustrations in black and white – but it also has a few full color images! Download Pilgrim’s Read More »

The Mystic Mid-Region: The Deserts of the Southwest

Posted in Culture, Lower Elementary, Nature Studies, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on September 25, 2013

Learn about the deserts of the Southwest USA! Between the lofty ranges of mountains which mark the western boundary of the great Mississippi Valley and the chain of peaks known as the Coast Range, whose western sunny slopes look out over the waters of the placid Pacific, lies a vast stretch of country once known Read More »

Our Little Cousin Series

Posted in Culture, Geography, Lower Elementary, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on July 4, 2013

Geography readers about children around the world These very simple readers tell about life in different countries through a child, or children, that live there! Some of the information may be out of date, but they would make great additions to a country study or a history course. Here are the ones I could find Read More »