American Indian Fairy Tales

Posted in American History, Elementary, Middle School, Mythology, Public Domain on November 15, 2014

Nine fabulous tales gathered by Henry Schoolcraft, ethnologist, with full-color illustrations! Spirit of the laughing leaves, Fairy of the forest pine, Listen to the maid who grieves For that happy land of thine. From your haunt in summer glade Hasten to your mournful maid. Schoolcraft lived among the Indian tribes of the Great Lakes area Read More »

Old Peter’s Russian Tales

Posted in Literature, Lower Elementary, Mythology, Public Domain, Reading, Upper Elementary on September 24, 2014

The stories in this book are those that Russian peasants tell their children and each other. In Russia hardly anybody is too old for fairy stories, and I have even heard soldiers on their way to the war talking of very wise and very beautiful princesses as they drank their tea by the side of Read More »

Baby’s Own Aesop

Posted in Kindergarten, Mythology, Preschool, Public Domain, Reading on August 4, 2013

When I was little, I had large books filled with colorful illustrations and the tales of Mother Goose and Aesop. Now, when you look in bookstores it is hard to find any books for children about those tales. This picture book has beautiful illustrations, but the text might be hard to read since it has Read More »

Stories of King Arthur’s Knights {Told to the Children}

Posted in Lower Elementary, Mythology, Public Domain, Upper Elementary, Western Civilization on June 22, 2013

More than four hundred years ago there lived a diligent man called Sir Thomas Malory, who wrote in English words many of the beautiful Welsh tales about King Arthur’s Knights, that the people of Wales loved so well. This book is a very beautiful remake of the tales of King Arthur’s knights, written for children. Read More »

The Children Of Odin

Posted in Humanities, Lower Elementary, Middle School, Mythology, Upper Elementary on April 30, 2013

Here are the matchless tales of All-Father Odin, who crosses the Rainbow Bridge to walk among men in Midgard and sacrifices his right eye to drink from the Well of Wisdom; of Thor, whose mighty hammer defends Asgard; of Loki, whose mischievous cunning leads him to treachery against the gods; of giants, dragons, dwarfs and Read More »