Let’s Go To a Supermarket

Posted in Health, Home Economics, Kindergarten, Lower Elementary, Preschool, Public Domain, Reading on May 31, 2012

Learn all about how a supermarket works- or at least an old-fashioned one! This book was published in 1958, so some of the information may be dated.  But the illustrations are just as fun as ever! Since it is in the public domain, you can use the pictures and text in your projects! Download Let’s Read More »

Electricity for Boys

Posted in Applied Math, College Prep, Home Economics, Middle School, Public Domain, Technology, Upper Elementary on May 12, 2012

Electricity, like every science, presents two phases to the student, one belonging to a theoretical knowledge, and the other which pertains to the practical application of that knowledge. The boy is directly interested in the practical use which he can make of this wonderful phenomenon in nature. With sections on such riveting topics as how Read More »

Mary Frances Garden Book

Posted in Home Economics, Public Domain on March 11, 2012

A colorful book for children that is chock-full of gardening information! Written in 1916, some of the information may not be up to date.  However, unlike other topics, plants have not changed much over the years. Download the Mary Frances Garden Book from archive.org.

Let’s Go to a Bakery

Posted in Health, Home Economics, Kindergarten, Lower Elementary, Preschool, Public Domain, Reading, Technology, Upper Elementary on March 3, 2012

Take a field trip to the bread bakery without leaving the house! This 50+ page book is filled with illustrations. The story explains how bread is made and distributed.  Written in the 1950’s, it may not be completely accurate as to the practices used today, but it could start a great discussion about the differences Read More »

When Mother Lets Us Make Candy

Posted in Applied Math, High School, Hobbies and Crafts, Home Economics, Lower Elementary, Middle School, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on February 13, 2012

Some of the best science lessons happen in the kitchen.  When learning to make candy, you need to know about temperature, measurement, the crystallization of sugar, and much more. This simple book is full of recipes, instructions, and information about making candy.  Fudges, taffies, brittles, caramels, fondants, lozenges, and more mouthwatering recipes will have your children begging Read More »