Hawkins Electrical Guide, Number One

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Hot off the e-book press from gutenberg.org, Hawkins Electrical Guide, Number One is an impressive compilation of electrical knowledge. From the introduction: This book, or “Guide,” is so called because it leads or points out the wayto the acquirement of a theoretical and practical knowledge of Electricity. There are several guides, each covering in detail a Read More »

The Boyhood of Great Inventors

Posted in Middle School, Public Domain, Reading, Science, Technology, Upper Elementary on December 6, 2011

Do you know who Josiah Wedgwood was?  Not only was he the grandfather of Charles Darwin, he is famous in his own right.  He was responsible for the industrialization of the pottery business. But his fame to many is reserved for his marketing techniques.  He invented modern marketing such as buy one get one free, Read More »

The ABC of Aviation

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 The study of flight is one of the most intriguing in the world.  For man to overcome his natural state and be able to glide through the air is certainly a great feat. This book, downloadable from Google here, is a basic course in aviation circa 1918 that will go along nicely with science and history. Read More »