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Charlene is a writer, a self-made momtrepreneur, and a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom. She has four wonderful, very active young boys. With all there is to do everyday, things are always chaotic and she loves every minute of it. Things we do in everyday life are a learning experience, and her family plans to learn all they can!

Charlene has nine years of experience researching and writing about medical sciences, health and wellness, genetics, public health, alternative medicine, education, sociology, psychology, mental health, and even home improvement.

Give Your Child a Head Start In Math (5 Tips)

Posted in Homeschooling, Math on July 14, 2017

Scared about mathematics figurine

As the mom of four boys and a homeschooling parent, I have developed different ways to keep my kids up to date with math. Whether we want to admit it or not, math is a tricky subject and kids frequently struggle with the topics that are involved. If your kid struggles in math, there are Read More »

3 Fun Educational Engineering Projects for Kids

Posted in Creative Commons, Elementary, Middle School, Science on July 13, 2017

Middle school students piece together a bridge they've designed using toothpicks and gumdrops.

Have you ever watched kids playing? If you have, you know they are fascinated with the concept of building different items and testing how gravity affects them. They also love taking things apart to see how they work. They were born to be engineers. Research has shown that children learn more effectively if they have Read More »

Homeschooling a Child With Learning Disabilities

Posted in Homeschooling, Just Starting Out on July 12, 2017

Special kids need special education

Each and every child is different both physically and mentally. Some children are considered to be “extra” special. They are classified outside of the scope of ordinary in comparison to other children. Many of these children fall into the category of special needs, which means they have special learning needs. Even though every child is Read More »

Tracking Homeschool – Academic Records and More

Posted in Homeschooling, Just Starting Out on July 11, 2017

Planning a homeschool schedule

If you have decided to homeschool your child, you will need to know a lot of information before you start. A few of the things you need to familiarize yourself with are state laws, where you can locate resources, where to find materials, how to plan an effective curriculum, how to keep records, and how Read More »

Weighing Homeschool Against a Pre-Packaged Curriculum

Posted in Homeschooling on July 10, 2017

Creating a Custom Homeschooling Curriculum vs Using a Pre-packaged Curriculum

When you decide that homeschooling is right for your child, you must first decide which type of curriculum you are going to use to teach your child. There are thousands of curriculums on the market today, and the most difficult part of your homeschooling task is to decide which one is best for your child. Read More »

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