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Charlene is a writer, a self-made momtrepreneur, and a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom. She has four wonderful, very active young boys. With all there is to do everyday, things are always chaotic and she loves every minute of it. Things we do in everyday life are a learning experience, and her family plans to learn all they can!

Charlene has nine years of experience researching and writing about medical sciences, health and wellness, genetics, public health, alternative medicine, education, sociology, psychology, mental health, and even home improvement.

Native American Projects for Each Grade (Grades 1–5)

Posted in Creative Commons, Culture, Elementary, Middle School on July 8, 2017

Dream Catchers are a Native American tradition. They are said to catch bad dreams before they can reach you.

The most important aspect of raising our children is teaching them respect. This respect is not just for the people around them, it is for every race, creed, religion, and political value. For centuries, Native Americans suffered through disrespect and have been massacred. Because it has been going on for so long, it is difficult Read More »

Take Your Homeschool Lessons Outside

Posted in Homeschooling on July 7, 2017

Summer vacation may be on the horizon, but it does not last very long. All summer vacation really means for a homeschooling parent is that it is time to work on next school year's curriculum. Since the first few months of the school year are warm and beautiful, kids still desire that outside time they Read More »

How a Cat's Eyes Work – Full Lesson Plan

Posted in Animals, Home School Creative Commons Resources, Science on July 6, 2017

High quality cat image

If your children have questioned why the cat's eyes are different, or how a cat's eyes work, or you are looking for an exciting science lesson for them to learn from, this lesson plan. This lesson plan, and all of its components are free and will help your child learn how a cat's eyes work. Read More »

4 Ways You Can Learn Science Directly From Nature (Pre-K)

Posted in Home School Creative Commons Resources, Preschool, Science on July 5, 2017

Learning directly from nature

There are a lot of ways to learn science. A child does not want to learn science from a book. They want to learn by being hands on and getting dirty. They want to experiment with different things and see what happens. They want to make something! Here are four ways to learn science directly Read More »

Humanizing Education – A Homeschooling Perspective

Posted in Homeschooling on July 4, 2017

Two siblings running together holding hands

When you consider the way public schools are laid out, you can tell there is no humanistic approach to the education provided. Children need to be taught with love, and caring. There is no humanization involved in public school education. By homeschooling your child, you are able to bring the human nature back to your Read More »

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