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Sometimes it seems like I'm, quite possibly, the only homeschooling dad out there. At 27, possibly the youngest :). I know there are others out there and I hope that they will appreciate my insight. I love classical homeschooling but I'm also very tech savvy. Contradiction? I think not. Anyways, I love philosophy.

The Educational Benefits of Playing Video Games

Posted in Homeschooling on April 30, 2017

Video Games and Education

In the world of parenting, and indeed in the world of education, video games have something of a reputation. Little demons out to distract your children, burn their brains, hinder their homework, even drive them to physical and emotional violence. Right? Well, not exactly. We won't pretend that the world of video gaming is something Read More »

Family Camping Essentials: The Ultimate Camping Supplies List

Posted in Lifestyle on April 20, 2017

Our annual family camping trip photo

Appreciating the Camping Experience Whatever kind of a camper you happen to be, you'll probably agree there's something to be said for the experience (if you don't enjoy camping, you probably just haven't found the right niche yet – I'm hoping this article will change that). Whether it's an intense, isolated, eye-opening wild camp beneath scintillating stars Read More »

Anti-Christian & Anti-Semitic References Were Found Hidden in Marvel's X-Men

Posted in News on April 10, 2017

The PR team at Marvel just found themselves in deep water. Their loyal fanbase discovered anti-Semitic and anti-Christian messages in a recent comic book issue. Their cartoonist, Ardian Syaf, hid numerous references to the protests in Jakarta. To make things more ironic, this was designed as a series that was supposed to be about coming Read More »

Baltimore Sun Quickly Deletes Story "Parents who teach their own children give home-schooling high marks"

Posted in News on April 10, 2017

Today, The Baltimore Sun both published and pulled its article titled, "Parents who teach their own children give home-schooling high marks." The Google cache shows that the article was live for less than 3 hours before disappearing. For everyone searching for the original content, here it is. Parents who teach their own children give home-schooling high Read More »

Ways that your family and kids can use a drone

Posted in Homeschooling on April 10, 2017

View from a drone

So, your kid wants a drone? Although there are plenty of "affordable" drones, you still need to rationalize why this is a worthwhile purchase. I'm a geek and to be 100% transparent with you, I was an "early adopter." I bought a drone before they were cool. As a programmer and iPhone app developer, I was Read More »