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Sometimes it seems like I'm, quite possibly, the only homeschooling dad out there. At 27, possibly the youngest :). I know there are others out there and I hope that they will appreciate my insight. I love classical homeschooling but I'm also very tech savvy. Contradiction? I think not. Anyways, I love philosophy.

Your Guide to Finding the Best Drone For Kids

Posted in Reviews on April 10, 2017

When you hear the word 'drone,' it may well be the ethically divisive modern warfare machines that first spring to your mind. Or maybe its Amazon's latest delivery service scheme. But for many kids, 'drone' means something far more profound – it means adventure. Since the dawn of time, mankind has been inspired by the skies. Read More »

Encourage Sarcasm, Its The Highest Form of Intelligence

Posted in Homeschooling on April 8, 2017

Sarcasm is now served all day

I thought I was writing a click-bait title, so I'm positive I've already scared a few readers off. But no, this is NOT pure click-bait, the title is taken directly from the paper of an actual academic study. The study's full title: The Highest Form of Intelligence: Sarcasm Increases Creativity for Both Expressers and Recipients. Read More »

School Choice Options Gaining Momentum in North Dakota, Homeschooling Doubles

Posted in News on March 26, 2017

North Dakota is one such state where the public's opinion of alternative education is becoming more and more favorable. President Donald Trump and U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, are both proponents of school choice. The recently proposed Trump 2018 budget would allocate $1.4 billion to school choice programs. Recently they implored that lawmakers push through a new school choice bill. School choice Read More »

Complete Introduction to Student Loans

Posted in Personal Finance on March 22, 2017

Several months ago I saved a very insightful Reddit post titled "Student Loans 101" to my Documents folder. Several days ago I attempted to revisit this page and discovered it was permanently removed. Most modern families have some type of exposure to student loans. You have highschoolers that are considering college. Thanks to student loans, maybe you are currently Read More »

5-Year-Old Homeschooler Youngest Person in History to Qualify for Scripps National Spelling Bee

Posted in News on March 7, 2017

History is being made at this year's National Spelling Bee. Edith Fuller beat 52 competitors in the 2017 Green Country Regional Spelling Bee in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 5-year-old correctly spelled the word "jnana," which is a term for "knowledge" in Indian philosophy and religion. Edith correctly spelled the words "Panglossian," "Baedeker," and "sarsaparilla" in order Read More »