The Life of our Lord: In Simple Language for Little Children

Posted in Bible, Lower Elementary, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on August 6, 2014

In preparing this brief account of the chief incidents in Our Lord’s Life, the writer has endeavored to keep as close as possible to the sacred text; its divine simplicity being far preferable to any other style of writing the story. What a treasure find! This is a storybook of the life of Jesus, written for Read More »

The Seashore Book

Posted in Animals, Hobbies and Crafts, Kindergarten, Lower Elementary, Public Domain, Reading on August 5, 2014

Another book illustrated and written by E. Boyd Smith! Join Bob and Betty as they spend their summer at the seashore with Captain Ben Hawes. They will learn all about the goings on of a shipyard, how to dig for clams, and hear sailor stories about adventures at sea. With color and pencil illustrations. Written Read More »

The Velveteen Rabbit

Posted in Kindergarten, Lower Elementary, Public Domain, Reading on March 21, 2014

Weeks passed, and the little Rabbit grew very old and shabby, but the Boy loved him just as much. He loved him so hard that he loved all his whiskers off, and the pink lining to his ears turned grey, and his brown spots faded. He even began to lose his shape, and he scarcely Read More »

Collecting and Preserving Natural Objects

Posted in High School, Hobbies and Crafts, Lower Elementary, Middle School, Nature Studies, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on March 20, 2014

If your children have an interest in collecting things living or dead, you might enjoy this book. Several authors with experience in their field wrote short essay detailing the ways in which they collect and preserve samples. Topics include collecting eggs, bones, insects, plants, and more! Download Notes on Collecting and Preserving Natural-History Objects from Read More »

Children Of Borneo

Posted in Culture, Lower Elementary, Middle School, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on February 1, 2014

Away down in the Indian Ocean there is a long chain of islands that stretches from Burmah to Australia. One of these is New Guinea which is the largest island in the world (leaving out Australia), and Borneo comes next in size. It is nearly four times as large as England. A book meant to Read More »