Make Believe Stories by Laura Lee Hope

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The Make Believe Stories series, begun in 1918 under the pseudonym of Laura Lee Hope (best known for the Bobbsey Twins series) -Wikipedia Each of the story books tell the adventures of a toy from the toy shop. I would say they are similar in nature to the original Raggedy Ann and Andy stories. Most of the Read More »

A Child’s Book of the Seasons {and} Pond and Stream

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With the last load of hay Light-heart Summer trips away, When the cuckoo’s double note Chokes within his mottled throat, Then we country children say, Light-heart Summer trips away. Fun Nature Readers by Arthur Ransome Arthur Ransome was an English author most famous for his series Swallows and Amazons about children on holiday. He also Read More »

Old Peter’s Russian Tales

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The stories in this book are those that Russian peasants tell their children and each other. In Russia hardly anybody is too old for fairy stories, and I have even heard soldiers on their way to the war talking of very wise and very beautiful princesses as they drank their tea by the side of Read More »

Boys and Girls From History

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In this small volume the boys of many lands and races whose stories are told, have been selected not because they later became famous men, although some of them did, but because each one achieved something noteworthy as a boy. And in each boy’s character, whether historic or legendary, courage was the marked trait. For Read More »

Bible Animals

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“The wolf catcheth and scattereth the sheep” John 10:12 I would have never guessed at how many animals were mentioned in the Bible! Did you know that moles are in the Scriptures? What about hyenas and tortoises? We use a children's study Bible each night, but there are many other resources that we use as Read More »