The Video Math Tutor

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The Video Math Tutor website is a great resource for older kids that are interested in eventually studying higher math.  Mr. Ast has series on Basic Math, Algebra, Hints & Tips, Brain Teasers, Calculator Tips, and more. The description from the website:  This site is intended to help students from seventh grade through college. Teachers, Read More »

Scouting for Boys

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Scouting and survival skills seem to be a natural interest of boys. They have a thirst for knowledge about how to hunt, fish, camp, and otherwise be in the wild. But scouting and survival isn’t just for men and boys. The skills and techniques in these resources can be fun for the whole family to Read More »

Mathematics Illuminated

Posted in College Prep, Free Use, High School, Math on September 26, 2011

Mathematics Illuminated is a 13-part, integrated-media resource created for adult learners and high school teachers. The series covers the broad scope of human knowledge through the study of mathematics and its relevance in the world today. It reaches beyond formulas and computations to explore the math of patterns, symmetry, relationships, multiple dimensions, and more, all Read More »

Ebooks for World War 1

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In innumerable volumes future generations will learn the details of this war: and the discussions among delving historians will never end. For our time a simpler task is the service set for us. We require a record of the essential facts of the struggle arranged with a sense of historical perspective. For forty years the Read More »

Mr. President Radio Show

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These old radio show episodes are fun to listen to and a great addition to any study of American history.  The point of the show was to try to guess which president was being “acted” out by the voice talent. Click to listen to the episodes online, or right-click “save link as” or “save file Read More »