Bible Animals

Posted in Animals, Lower Elementary, Public Domain, Science, Upper Elementary on September 1, 2014

“The wolf catcheth and scattereth the sheep” John 10:12 I would have never guessed at how many animals were mentioned in the Bible! Did you know that moles are in the Scriptures? What about hyenas and tortoises? We use a children's study Bible each night, but there are many other resources that we use as Read More »

In The Days Of The Guild

Posted in Middle School, Public Domain, Upper Elementary, Western Civilization on August 17, 2014

Learning a trade in the Middle Ages This collection of historical tales is set in the Middle Ages and features young men and women learning crafts, trades, and skills through apprenticeships in various guilds. Dispersed between the tales are classic poems that add depth to the stories. Many of the color illustrations are also reproduced Read More »

The Life of our Lord: In Simple Language for Little Children

Posted in Bible, Lower Elementary, Public Domain, Upper Elementary on August 6, 2014

In preparing this brief account of the chief incidents in Our Lord’s Life, the writer has endeavored to keep as close as possible to the sacred text; its divine simplicity being far preferable to any other style of writing the story. What a treasure find! This is a storybook of the life of Jesus, written for Read More »

Baseball Joe Series And Other Sports Novels By Lester Chadwick

Posted in High School, Middle School, Public Domain, Reading, Upper Elementary on July 14, 2014

Howard R. Garis was probably one of the most prolific authors of his time. He wrote the beloved Uncle Wiggily series about an elderly rabbit. I will share that series here as well, but I was first introduced to this author through his pseudonym Lester Chadwick. Under Lester Chadwick, Garis wrote a number of juvenile Read More »

Jack Among The Indians

Posted in American History, Middle School, Public Domain, Reading, Upper Elementary on July 13, 2014

A Boy’s Summer on the Buffalo Plains A long time ago, before any of you were born, great herds of buffalo fed on the western plains, and wild Indians lived by hunting them. They ate the flesh, wore the skins as clothing, slept in lodges made from the hides, and fashioned tools from different parts Read More »