Pacific History Stories

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The stories of Balboa, Magedan. Cabrillo, Drake, the Discovery of Gold, the Bear-Flag Republic, and others are interesting on account of the human and heroic side of the adventures. Written for “the middle grades”, this history reader details the explorations and adventures that occurred on the Western coast of North America, along the Pacific Ocean. Read More »

History Books From Marion Lansing

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Marion’s three most famous books are her episodic history readers: Page, Esquire, and Knight This book tells the stories of chivalry during the Middle Ages. With its explanation of the meaning of the degrees of knighthood, its description of quests and tourneys, and its outline of the great events of chivalry, this volume will serve Read More »

America’s Story for America’s Children

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A simple history reader that goes from about 1000 AD up to the founding of America. Each story contains several black and white drawings.  There are a few full-color plates in the book as well. Download America’s Story for America’s Children from

The Pilgrim’s Progress

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The Pilgrim’s Progress was a book for men and women; and it was aimed to teach the great truths of the gospel. For many years it has been in my mind, not to re-write the Pilgrim’s Progress, for that would destroy its greatest charm, but to change the words here and there to simpler ones, Read More »

Beowulf Resources

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Beowulf is our first great epic. It is an epitomized history of the life of the Teutonic races. It brings vividly before us our forefathers of pre-Alfredian eras, in their love of war, of sea, and of adventure. Reading the epic poem of Beowulf gives us a glimpse into the lives of our oldest English-speaking ancestors. Read More »