Ebooks for a study on Turkeys and Poultry

Posted in Animals, Elementary, Middle School, Public Domain on November 1, 2014

You should never look at poultry and say, “Why, they are only Hens!” or “Why, they are only Ducks!” Quite likely when they look at you they may be thinking, “Why, they are only boys!” or “Why, they are only girls!” Yet if you are gentle and care for them, you and they will learn Read More »

Tracks and Tracking

Posted in Animals, Elementary, High School, Middle School, Public Domain, Scouting And Survival on November 1, 2014

The footprints in the featured image are badger tracks! All good hunters, campers, and scouts know the tracks of common animals! This free ebook is written at an upper-elementary level and includes plenty of illustrations of tracks and the animals that make them. It is generally understood that a track means the imprint left on Read More »

Bible Animals

Posted in Animals, Lower Elementary, Public Domain, Science, Upper Elementary on September 1, 2014

“The wolf catcheth and scattereth the sheep” John 10:12 I would have never guessed at how many animals were mentioned in the Bible! Did you know that moles are in the Scriptures? What about hyenas and tortoises? We use a children's study Bible each night, but there are many other resources that we use as Read More »

The Seashore Book

Posted in Animals, Hobbies and Crafts, Kindergarten, Lower Elementary, Public Domain, Reading on August 5, 2014

Another book illustrated and written by E. Boyd Smith! Join Bob and Betty as they spend their summer at the seashore with Captain Ben Hawes. They will learn all about the goings on of a shipyard, how to dig for clams, and hear sailor stories about adventures at sea. With color and pencil illustrations. Written Read More »

The Nests and Eggs of Birds of the United States

Posted in Animals, Elementary, High School, Hobbies and Crafts, Middle School, Public Domain on March 20, 2014

With these few preliminary remarks, we send this beautiful book out into the world, trusting that it may meet with a cordial reception everywhere. If it be the means of acquainting man with the lovable manners and interesting domestic relations of a few, though not all, of our feathered friends, and of restraining our youth Read More »