History of Art in Ancient Egypt

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The two volumes in the set of A History of Art in Ancient Egypt are chock-full of great information and images to use in your studies! These would be great for an older student to read as part of an art-study, humanities credit, or ancient civilizations. Each of the volumes contains over 150 illustrations! Download Read More »

History Books From Marion Lansing

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Marion’s three most famous books are her episodic history readers: Page, Esquire, and Knight This book tells the stories of chivalry during the Middle Ages. With its explanation of the meaning of the degrees of knighthood, its description of quests and tourneys, and its outline of the great events of chivalry, this volume will serve Read More »

Quaint Old Stories To Read And Act

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A collection of dramatic stories that can be read out loud by one person or can be acted out in a play or other form. Some of the titles include: The Woodcutter And The Fairy Seeing The World The Stone of Gratitude The Rich Man’s Guest Most of the selections are folk tales from various cultures. Read More »

America’s Story for America’s Children

Posted in American History, Culture, Lower Elementary, Reading, Upper Elementary, Western Civilization on May 24, 2012

A simple history reader that goes from about 1000 AD up to the founding of America. Each story contains several black and white drawings.  There are a few full-color plates in the book as well. Download America’s Story for America’s Children from archive.org.

The Adopted Son: The Story of Moses

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At this time a child was born among the Israelites whose life was to be one of the most remarkable that history has recorded for us. This is the story of Moses, paraphrased for children from the original scripture text. There are black and white illustrations depicting most of the major scenes in Moses’ life. Read More »